The Ultimate Mental Health Book + Happy Days Planner by LovelyRefinement

The Ultimate Mental Health Book + Happy Days Planner

Let's be honest for a second my lovely self-confidence seeker, if we switched roles for a day and I took a walk in your shoes would I find:

📚Multiple planners scattered around your house that are partly filled out with ambitious goals that never got accomplished?

🤯 Your brain flooded with anxious and self-sabotaging thoughts, tearing you down from the morning you wake up until the moment your head hits the pillow?

🌪️Or maybe your home looks like a tornado has just torn through it, with clothes piling up in the laundry and too many projects that you've started but never finished?

It's not like you ENJOY having a disorganized lifestyle...

You've actually tried really hard to stick to an organized schedule, and you even have a stack of self-help books on your night stand to overcome these exact struggles. It feels overwhelming to even know where to start.

But I'm here to tell you, it's not your fault.

​Not everyone is a naturally organized "type - A" personality. And a lot of self-help books are full of fluff to try and push you into taking action. 

But,  when you struggle with things like low self-esteem or anxiety, it often feels impossible to take action.

​Which is why you need a system that helps you keep track of things, stay focused, and keeps all of your lists in one spot made by someone who knows what it's like to be scatter-brained and anxious.

Introducing: The Ultimate Mental Health Book

Motivational Resources To help You...

  • With Confidence, Anxiety, Grief + Emotions
  • Understand + Manage Various Types Of Mental Health Concerns
  • Mental Health Test
  • & More


This book will help you....even if you're super distracted, find it difficult to make decisions and can't figure out where the heck your keys are!

🎉 BONUS! 🎉

Order Now And You WiIl Also Get The Happy Days Planner!

The Happy Days Planner has a daily and monthly planner that you can easily print out and keep next to you throughout the day so you always know what is next on your to-do list.

You also will get multiple mood trackers, a mental health checklist to remind you of what is most important to keep a healthy mind, breathing & yoga for anxiety plus so much more.

  • Daily and weekly planner to remind to work on your mental health
  • A number of fool-proof worksheets to keep your mind healthy & happy!
  • Motivational quotes to inspire you to keep moving forward.
  • 18 worksheets and checklists to help you recover from feeling paralyzed by anxiety. 
  • $19 value, FREE!

Are you ready to get organized and happy?